for flexible, temporary shared showrooms

Can under normal circumstances, be laid on any type of supportive and stable interior surface. Its biggest advantage is that no adhesives whatsoever are required.

Self-fitting - flooring allows one to lay it without using glue. As a result, business activity at your firm is not disrupted. In addition, the flooring can be laid without creating any dust or noise.

Resilient - flooring is especially resilient to wear and tear. This homogeneously-structured floor covering is thus ideal for use in an industrial setting.

Safe - flooring complies with the highest of fire safety standards. In addition, the slightly rough surface structure of the floor covering makes it extremely slip-resistant.

Permanently elastic - flooring provides lasting comfort for those standing and walking on this floor covering. This flooring adapts to uneven surfaces and bumps especially well because it is produced by way of injection molding.

Soundproof - flooring helps make a room more soundproof and thus provides for a quiet and pleasant room atmosphere. The floor surface is effectively insulated from cold from below.

Easy on the joints - floor covering helps reduce fatigue. Those who must stand for long periods of time will find that their strength and stamina are noticeably improved.

Versatile - allows for maximum flexibility. As a result, work areas can be used for a variety of purposes and can be adapted to meet new demands at any time.

Economical - floor covering is designed to last and to retain its high quality. It features low maintenance costs.

Environmentally-friendly - In most cases, floor covering can be laid without using any glue whatsoever. Moreover, the material is recyclable.