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Advising our customers, providing quality service and  providing expertise when it comes to laying flooring  are our top priorities. What good is a beautiful floor (schöner Boden) if it is not laid properly?

From carpeting made of pure wool, synthetic material, coconut or sisal to twined yarn, fleece, soil-proof carpeting and coconut matting -- we are leaders in the field of textile carpeting.  Flooring made of linoleum, vinyl, rubber as well as design-flooring made of vinyl is also included in our range of products. Our show rooms are equipped with extensive walled surfaces featuring the patterns available in order to help you in the decision-making process.

You’ll be impressed by the natural beauty of wood in our department featuring a wide collection of parquet flooring surfaces. There you can compare the various parquet and laminated floor surfaces and have us inform you about the procedures involved in laying these types of flooring.

Glass flooring is becoming increasingly popular – not only with architects. We can demonstrate our competence in this field as well – by offering you this extraordinary flooring material. We can provide you with the right product for every possible taste and purpose.