Parquet - a natural material

Parquet is made of a natural material and it is currently in fashion. It both contributes to a positive room atmosphere and it requires a positive room atmosphere to be effective.

Sealing or lacquering the parquet floor surface protects the wood from dirt; if nothing is able to penetrate the surface, then no spots can develop on the wood. In cases in which the parquet flooring is oiled or waxed, it develops even more of an aura of its own – but also requires more intensive maintenance. Parquet can store warmth and moisture and then release both into the surrounding environment. It warms one’s feet and is hygienic. Parquet emits a sense of warmth and elicits a feeling of comfort, peace, elegance and individuality – because each parquet floor is unique. 

Laminated flooring

Laminated flooring is a very robust form of flooring and is usually available in wood-like décor. In addition to a number of laminated surfaces in wood-like décor that resemble parquet, you can also choose from ceramic, stone or other creative patterns. The advantages they offer over parquet flooring is that they are more resistant to scratches, to shock and to wear and tear. In addition, they are not sensitive to the influence of light and they are more affordable.