fascinatingly beautiful and timeless

Function is united with aesthetic qualities. The result is an extraordinary material which is fascinatingly beautiful and timeless in terms of its elegance.

This is an innovative flooring material which offers all the advantages you have come to expect from high-quality flooring materials. In addition, glass offers advantages that are completely new. It is perfectly suitable to be used in conjunction with parquet or wall to wall carpeting. The safety glass made available by NOVALIT is not only slip-resistant but also extremely resistant to pressure, shock and wear and tear. Glass is a virtually sound-deadening material and it has insulating properties. Glass surfaces are easy to keep clean, are hygienic and anti-static. Three different sizes, twelve different colours, six different designs and two different surface structures are available to you.

Czech glass has always been in great demand as a result of its harmony, quality of workmanship, material quality and artistic quality. The glass tile marketed under the brand name “Live Tile” by the Kernel Company is produced in the lengthy tradition of Bohemian glass-making. The beauty of Czech glass gives it a whole new dimension. A patented solution utilizes the characteristics of a prism. The cornerstone of the glass tile known under the brand name of “Live Tile” is a new technology which is combined with the tradition of hand-made craftsmanship.